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Days 27 – 29

The end of Mar’s newbiedom has arrived. In fact, it surprised me, because I thought the age for collecting from money trees was up to and including 30 days old, but it’s not: it’s less than 30 days. So with yesterday being day 29 of Mar’s SL existence, it was also her last day collecting from money trees.

So, final money tree totals are behind the cut, along with more freebie and dollarbie clothes (and hair) and the usual oddities spotted around the grid.

Firstly, three names that caught my eye as I whizzed around the grid. I’ve had these written in my notebook for over a week and kept forgetting to blog them, so to the following three avatars I want to say ‘thank you’ for making me grin:

Breeze Bloch

Steddy Paulse

Okhams Razor

(Even if the last one is spelled wrongly for the pun it’s intended to be *g*)

Pictures! Again, FabFree alerted me to goodies, but first of all come the oddities, as per usual. Just one, actually, today, and it’s this indecisive chap. Er… girl? No… definitely a chap. In a skirt. Bless him. He looks like Mrs Claus gone wrong…

I found a lovely store, called Ding! Jewelry (FabFree alerted me to a free Earth Day necklace there, but the rest of their stock was equally lovely) and I took a couple of screencaps:

So… Mar has had the same hairstyle (Proton, from The Free Dove’s hair section) since she was rezzed, and as the Bewitched Hair Update Group was giving away great freebies, I thought I’d see what was on offer. Here are a couple of the styles Mar got for free and tried on, although none of them really felt ‘right’ for her, so she’s still wearing Proton for now:

Side view of the above style, to show the amazing length of that hair:


Then at Kumamoto Japan, Mar grabbed everything from the freebie wall and did her usual mixing and matching thing. This pretty pink outfit came with various tops and a little corset:

She then paired those tops with the skirt from this black minidress:

Another black minidress, with and without gloves:

And a white one, complete with the corset again:

Polka dots!

This next one made me want to grab the nearest little black dog, don my red sparkly shoes and skip down the Yellow Brick Road, muttering something about Kansas…

Beautiful Japan dress:

And while I know the Japanese love Burberry, over here in the UK it’s now associated with chavs, so here’s Mar looking utterly chavtastic:

And finally, an absolutely beautiful kimono:

Day 27

Earned: 62L

Spent: 1L (dollarbie hair from Gurl6 – not shown here)

Day 28

Earned: 22L

Spent: 5L (clearance box of clothing)

Day 29

Earned: 67L

Spent: 2L (dollarbies again)


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