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Day 26, and shopping!

Once again, I give thanks to the amazing FabFree blog (which you seriously should be watching, if you’re not already!) More updates on great freebies around the grid than you can shake a stick at. Today, Mar was whizzing around the grid, following FabFree’s prompts for new freebies, and found a couple of great places in the process.

I think my favourite had to be Kurotsubaki, which is one of the prettiest stores that I’ve ever been in. Like so many of the Japanese areas, it’s beautifully laid-out, and the attention to detail is wonderful. I originally teleported there to get the free pants and pink socks that FabFree mentioned, but ended up joining the update group as well (and getting a gorgeous red sweater and bracelet set just for doing that). Just another example of how just creating a gorgeous area can get you more customers *g*

Pics (and lots of them) and day 26’s money tree total are, as always, behind the cut. Also, there is much trying on of new clothes…

First of all, the latest from the ‘oddities’ image tag on Photobucket. I’m not sure whether this was my computer being wonky, the avatar’s inventory being wonky, or SL itself being wonky, but this av, encountered at Bravo Bravo, made my eyes hurt!

Another ad farm. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere near this, would you?

And I had to create this note for the front door of Mar’s house, because yesterday as I rezzed there, some random guy decided that because someone else was about to walk into the house, he would, too! Excuse me, pal: my home! Out!

Onto the shopping! (I know, I know: that’s all you’re here behind this cut for…) This is the lovely Kurotsubaki store that I mentioned at the top of the post:

(The pink long socks on the couch there are freebies, and they’re very pretty). You can see the free pants that I got, hanging on the wall by the window in this next shot:

Look up, too, because there’s detail everywhere:

Exploring the small area, I found other stores (which I think are an extension of that one, anyway):

Something cute lurked near this giant cake:

And it was this tiny little fella, skating around:

Spotted at the same place, as I cammed around, was this female av. I’ll spare her blushes by cropping out her face, and really, it’s a nice outfit, but ladies? Wear your glitch pants! I could park my bicycle in this lovely lady’s ‘rear rack’ – so much of it was (I presume unintentionally) on show!

If you’re going to a fancy dress party in SL, you could do worse than choose to wear this great female devil outfit from Adam ‘n’ Eve:

Also, check out their formal gowns, because they’re beautifully-detailed. These are two Elizabethan ones that I spotted:

I was there for a freebie, though, so more on that later, in the ‘trying on of clothes’ bit of this post. *g*

At mela’s, in La Reina, I found not only a gorgeous free skin (thanks again, FabFree!) but also that mela’s skins are very good value! Currently, there’s a 50% sale on, and this ‘fatpack’ of 10 skins is only L$200!

Okay, okay! Clothes! Sheesh! *g*

First of all, I have to inform the world (well, the very tiny readership that this blog has anyway) that TESLA has the best freebie shoes ever, and they’ve just been updated! Their Mary Janes are located in a box at the back of the store (in the window) and I just love them to pieces. Now, with this new update, they look even better:

Another lovely pair of freebie shoes are these ‘slinky stiletto’ ones, from Maitreya. Alas, these are only free because of content theft, which (from the blogs that I read) is becoming more and more of a problem in SL. Maitreya created the shoes, they were stolen and then put on sale elsewhere, so the originals have been set as freebies by Maitreya:

Like the look of those pants in the above shot? Me too: they’re exactly the kind of thing I would wear in RL, so when FabFree alerted me to them, I wasted no time in whizzing over to Kurotsubaki (yes, that store again!) to grab them. They’re the ones I mentioned that were hanging on the wall by the window. I paired them with this gorgeous little red sweater from Kurotsubaki’s update group:

That’s going to be Mar’s new look for a while, I think. And the bracelets? Oh, I fell in love with those real damn fast. Also a Kurotsubaki group freebie. Here’s a close-up:

This lovely black sweater was a freebie from Westy’s, and I teamed it with the black kissit jeans, available in a L$1 inventory clearout box from Coquette:

The same sweater, teamed with a boy’s freebie: jeans from Exile. Hey, if we can wear our guys’ clothes in RL, why not in SL, too?

I love mixing and matching. Here are those boy’s jeans again, teamed up with another item from Coquette’s L$1 clearout box: a pretty little lacy babydoll underwear set. Putting the rough with the smooth sometimes gives lovely results! (Shown here with and without the prim attachments.)

Lastly comes the stunner: the freebie formal gown from Adam ‘n’ Eve that I mentioned earlier in the post. Now, as I put this on, item by item, I discovered one of the delights of SL layered clothing: it’s several outfits in one! Go the whole hog with the full prim skirt (or just use the narrow prim skirt, as Mar has in the second picture here), OR, if you’ve got an invite to a glam/disco party, just wear the top and the glitch pants for a fab lamé disco queen outfit! (It comes with gold shoes, too, so no need to worry about those either.)

Phew! And that concludes today’s mammoth post. Well, almost. I’m running out of money tree days, so here’s the total for day 26:

Earned: 69L

Spent: 21L (uploaded two images for that note on Mar’s door, and spent 1L on the Coquette clearout box)


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