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Day 25

Well, that’s another of my challenges for Mar checked off. She now has a home! I found a lovely little thatched cottage on a decent plot of land in a quiet mainland sim, and rented it. The main reason, other than the size, quiet area, and price? It comes with free space in a nearby market, so I’ll have somewhere to sell the items that I create.

Here is Mar’s new home, as I first screencapped it on landing and falling instantly in love:

More pictures (plus a new game: Spot The Linden Roads-To-Be) and today’s money tree total behind the cut.

The house comes with a good plot of land: 1024m² to be exact:

And that means I can whiz a good-sized building platform high up in the air, because I prefer to build up in the sky, where there are no distractions:

I love building, and had a lot of fun furnishing the house. I tried to keep the furnishings as organic as I could, so I used plenty of wood and natural wool fabrics, and even used the library’s small angular rock for a lamp base!

The fireplace and house were already in place. I had to rez that wooden platform at the back because the land was poking up through the floor, and I couldn’t lower it any more. So I made that into a small reading area, complete with cosy local lights in the lamp:

I decided to match that platform with another at the opposite end of the house, but this one I turned into a ‘snuggle pit’ complete with lots of cushions. I’m going to buy a ‘laying on belly and reading a book’ poseball for this area, I think:

Upstairs, there’s a kind of sleeping platform area, so I made a bed and small side table there:

And here it is, lit up at night:

Overview of the room, where I tried to get everything in:

Finally, the promised game. Remember the Ad Farm that Mar found a while back (and that was blogged about on the main SL blog)? Well as I was looking around Map View, I spotted the future paths of two of the new Linden Roads, and guess what? Dotted all along them were tens of little tiny plots for sale (yellow denotes land for sale, as do the dollar signs), just right for spinning Ad Farm cubes. Honestly, you don’t even need asphalt laid down to see the route these roads will take. Driving along those will be quite the scenic route, eh?

Earned: 144L

Spent: 400L


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