SL for Nowt

Living a digital life with empty pockets

Days 18 – 21

My apologies for the lack of updates. General malaise, overwork in RL and no small feeling of ‘hmf’ regarding SL when I’ve teleported in to trees only to find the same name seems to have beaten me to every one over the past few days.

Behind the cut are the usual snapshots of oddities, places and people, plus money tree totals.

Again, I hope that Photobucket doesn’t delete this one. All the naughty bits are at least covered up, but this one definitely comes from the department of, “Just because you could, doesn’t mean you should.” It’s rather difficult to get an idea of the sheer amount of boob-thrustage from this head-on angle. Suffice to say, it was… impressive. And I found this avatar in genteel, Victorian Caledon Eyre, of all places! Note the dreadlocks applied over default hair that hasn’t even been reduced back (and no, she wasn’t ruthed, either, which is usually the cause of default hair appearing amid prim hair).

Also while in Caledon, I made one of my two purchases of the weekend, paying the grand sum of L$1 (called, I believe, a ‘dollarbie’ because it costs one L$, instead of a ‘freebie’ which is, of course, free) for this lovely Victorian dress. I’d love to visit some of the Caledon steampunk empire sims, but I feel a little out-of-place in my modern clothes. At least now, I have a frock that will let me fit in:

At Silent Sparrow I spotted this jacket, based on My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade video. I was sorely tempted…

And at Sn@tch, the Blade Runner fan in me squealed on seeing the image used for the background of this eyes poster:

Also in Sn@tch, while conversation was going on around me, I heard the sound of a raspberry being blown, and then this ASCII text popped up in the general chat window. It made me giggle so much, I had to grab a screenshot of it:

Finally, the bane of Second Life: Ad Farms. Linden Labs are apparently going to try tackling this blight (re: their recent blog post on the matter: Mainland and the Ad Farm Problem) but I ran into one myself at last over the weekend:

Day 18

Earned: 49L (sooo close!)

Spent: 0L

Day 19

Earned: 92L

Spent: 1L

Day 20


Spent: 0L

Day 21

Earned: 10L (I kind of gave up today)

Spent: 1L


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