SL for Nowt

Living a digital life with empty pockets

Day 15

Today, Mar fell into a sewer at Sarah Nerd’s Nerdy Sanchez Sandbox. Literally! Pictures, and today’s money tree total behind the cut…

The entrance to the sewer. There are a few of them in the area, and they’re phantom prims, so you won’t realise you can’t stand on them until you sink right through them, as Mar did!

She landed at a corner of the sewer:

Looking down one straight section:


The wall textures are amazing:


There are various areas with poseballs, so Mar tried them out. Here she’s sleeping a ‘restless sleep’ on a ratty old bunkbed:


Watching SewerTV on a chair made from old car tyres:


Posing on a… oh very ladylike, Mar…


Small seating/living area:


And another view:


The other poseball in that area, which turned her into a convincing wino. I’m sayin’ nuthin’ here… *g*


Eek! Roaches! And they moved!


An ingenious bookshelf:


Some poor kid dropped their ratty old teddy down here:


And then… Mar fell in. Ew.


Earned: 113L

Spent: 0L

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