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A few linkypoos

I’ve been tag surfing on WordPress tonight, and came across the following links:

Harper Ganesvoort blogs on the subject of the recent stolen skins issue, in Lost in a den of thieves? 

Melanie Kidd blogs about The Boudoir Rouge project in CodeBastard Redgrave and the Boudoir Rouge.  You can find the Flickr set at Boudoir Rouge. These are beautiful images, and well worth checking out. The set proclaims to be: “An ode to all the beautiful, brilliant, sexy, geeky ladies of the metaverse. Pure avatar shots, in the most playful pinup style.”

I’m also looking at a couple of blog-posting utilities, to make posting here easier. Most notable among these is BlogHUD.

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Day 15

Today, Mar fell into a sewer at Sarah Nerd’s Nerdy Sanchez Sandbox. Literally! Pictures, and today’s money tree total behind the cut…

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