SL for Nowt

Living a digital life with empty pockets

Days 13 and 14

Second Life has been plagued by problems this past couple of days. Not that it isn’t regularly plagued by problems, it seems, but during the past two days it’s been dreadful. I’ve been continually lagged and slow, crashing and unable to access my account for ages after the crashes. It’s a wonder, then, that I managed to make at least my self-set money total on day 13. Day 14 has been a washout, though. Aie!

Pictures and L$ totals behind the cut, as usual.

I took Mar on a treasure hunt, as detailed in FabFree’s notice, here. It’s a Valentine/Anti-Valentine hunt, and some of the prizes proved very hard to find! Whilst at Rose Petal Creations, I spotted a few things worthy of screencappery. This Mancala table was one of them:

As was this SLopoly table, which made me giggle:

There’s a great “reading in a tree” poseball there, too:

Anti-valentine box, spotted in one of the areas taking part:

And this lintel over one of the store entrances made me crack up with laughter. I came, I saw, I shopped. Story of my life! (And, sad font geek that I am, I recognised that ‘Veni, Vidi’ font instantly as Bleeding Cowboys…)

Brilliant avatar (and the eyeball blinked), spotted at Wilted Rose:

Not-so-brilliant avatar, spotted in the same place. Sometimes, ruthing hurts to look at. Poor sod…

Rather fab avatar spotted in Sn@tch, in Pulse sim:

I spotted this little cute bit of sim decoration running around and getting excited over acorns at Textures ‘R’ Us:

Camping outside a pub (well at least there’s beer on tap, I suppose!)

Some amazing houses for sale in the Avendale sim, near to Mystitool. First, we have the old woman who lived in a shoe:

Then a fabulous riverboat:

Then… phenomenal cosmic powers… iiiiiiity-bitty living space!

And finally a great firehouse:

And a three-sim build that I simply have to check out at some point: the SS Galaxy. It’s built like a massive luxury cruise liner:

Names that made me grin this weekend

MiriamCharlotte Bunnyhug (cute)

Gumbercules Warf (*giggle*)

Marauder Trotter (only funny if you’re British and know what “you plonker!” means)

Chromatophore Ock (just brilliantly weird)

Day 13

Earned: 61L

Spent: 0L

Day 14

Earned: 46L

Spent: 0L

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