SL for Nowt

Living a digital life with empty pockets

Day 11

I managed to find three money trees today that hadn’t been touched for hours, so they were loaded with Lindens. A good day!

Earned: 118L

Spent: 0L

A few piccies behind the cut…

Finally, I can show you what ‘ruthing’ is like. This, believe it or not, is a male avatar, and he’s ruthed. That makes him very small, with partly default hair, and (worst of all, especially for a male av) – boobs. And worse, even, than that is the fact that you rarely know when you’re ruthed, but others can see it:


A partially-rezzed (yes, SL’s been laggy again today) man talking to his almost-invisible (!) female friend:

He doesn't know where to look!

Mar went on a treasure hunt, but the treasure tokens were far too small to find, and I got fed up with it:


She visited Cologne cathedral, but couldn’t actually get into it. Very nice build, though!

Biiig spires

And found an as-yet-unopened shopping mall with a beautiful entranceway:

So lovely

It would be a joy to shop here

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