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Living a digital life with empty pockets

Day 10

(Day 9 was yesterday’s second post, even though it was still labelled ‘day 8’.)

Photobucket is currently down for maintenance, so if it isn’t back up again by the time I’m ready to hit ‘publish’ on this post, I’ll have to add the screencaps later.

Mar made her first friend today: a nice woman who got chatting to her by the tree in the Moulin Rouge area. She even IM’d Mar to tell her to come quick and grab an apple (worth L$5) from the tree, because she herself had already taken her quota and couldn’t take any more until her name fell off the bottom of the ‘last 5 recipients’ list. She offered Mar a TP and I grabbed the apple. We chatted for a while later on, and she seemed very nice.

More naming and shaming: Legolas Giano and Livid Contepomi both swiped money from under Mar’s nose as she waited patiently by the high-paying tree. I honestly think I’m going to give up waiting there, and will only TP in to see if there’s money on it and TP right out again if there’s none. I still made a goodly amount today, thanks to visiting some lesser-known trees and snagging a lot of Lindens from each one. One tree bore an apple (L$5) and six Linden dollars. Another tree bore about nine Linden dollars. There are advantages to seeking out the less well-known trees.

Hop behind the cut for a few photos from yesterday and today, and for today’s earnings.

This is the guy who chatted Mar up last night. I won’t say any more about him, but the encounter was a little unnerving. He seemed so desperate to be with Mar, even after only being there with her for about two minutes:

Nice guy, but too eager

Some places now. I can’t remember where this was, but it had a wonderful ice castle…

Is the Snow Queen in residence?

… and a racetrack! You can actually drive around here in little racing cars that are supplied.

Brrm! Brrm!

These amazing animals were spotted in another area. I loved the more fantastical touch of the dragon being watched by the lazy cheetahs:

Burning bright
Hey, Mr Giraffe? Have you seen Thumper around?

This was Lothlorien, and very beautiful and peaceful it was, too:

I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls...
Grey ships

We return to the ‘oddities’ tag for this egg-headed newbie av, complete with frock and fetching manicure:

I didn't like to ask, really...

And for this poor guy who just has to have it all: bling, particles, horn, cape… and a halo…

Oh, put it away. Please!

And here is another example of lag causing prims to rez weirdly: spiky hair. I’m willing to bet that, properly rezzed, that’s a gorgeous hairstyle. But when I saw it…? Mmhm.


The tip for making the money trees vanish – in action!

Now you see it...

Lastly, more clothes! A freebie offered by Nuclear Boutique, this red ballgown had me running over to grab it:

I fell in love with this...

And here’s Mar, modelling that gown:

...and had to have it.

This lovely little trenchcoat was a freebie from First Impressions. Lovely fit (I didn’t even have to adjust it!)

Listen very carefully. I shall say this only once...

And finally, I found this sexy little outfit for zero Lindens at Freebie Jeebies:

No 'French maid' jokes, please...

Earned: 85L

Spent: 0L


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