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Well wonders will never cease…

I’ve just been standing by the same, high-paying tree, and the very same thing happened to me again. I’d been waiting there for 10 minutes, and about 10 seconds before the money grew, someone popped up behind me and swiped it from under my nose. I’m afraid I can be a bolshy mare when I feel irritated, and this kind of thing does drive me crazy, because you know what? About 15 minutes earlier, I had TP’d into that area and seen that very same av standing by that tree. So I TP’d right out again, because as I’ve blogged here before, it would be awfully rude of me to waltz up when she’d been standing there and take the money she’d been waiting for.

So, being the bolshy mare that I can be when irritated (and definitely being irritated in that moment) I fired off the same IM as before to the av in question, adding just a little bit to make it seem less… harsh (which, really, it wan’t in the first place).

[2008/02/04 6:37] Mar: That was rather rude, sweetie. I’d been standing there for some 10 minutes, waiting for the tree to grow money, and you popped up to snatch it before I’d even had a chance to click it. You’re going to irritate a lot of people if you keep doing that. Already I’m recognising names that I regularly see on ‘last 5 recipients’ around the trees, and I won’t be forgetting yours. BTW, you’re now muted, so don’t bother replying. Just… learn a little politeness and you’ll get a lot further in this world. This is supposed to be fun, not a competitive bunfight. Have a nice one!

I walked away from the tree, but about thirty seconds later the blue notification flag dropped down in my client… to tell me that the av in question had just paid me 20L$. I sat here, rather stunned, for about a minute, then clicked ‘ok’ on the flag to clear it (okaying it doesn’t accept money: it had already gone into my Lindens balance. Okaying it simply clears the alert). I TP’d out to another tree, which had five separate Lindens in it (my lucky day!) and then another alert popped down. The av had paid me another 1L$. And then another 1L$.

Of course, I went from being bolshy mare to feeling a bit of a heel, because I have a feeling those 22L$ were the sum total of what she’d picked from trees today. It seemed such an odd amount, you know?

Aie. Now I feel bad.

Oh well. I’ve put on my AFK titler and I’m sitting in Bravo Bravo (the main money tree directory area) and I’m going to start work on something I’ve been thinking about for the past day or two: Mar’s Newbie Notecard. It’s going to be a notecard that newbies can ask me for, either in chat or IM (and I’ll put a notice in my profile section saying ask me if you’d like one) and it’ll contain some useful landmarks to places like Free Dove and Fabulously Free in Second Life, plus some things that every newbie should have: a flight feather, a radar, and a small skybox that can be taken to a sandbox, rezzed, shot 100m up in the air and used to unpack and try clothes on. I’ll also put into the notecard a few hints and tips.

Ten minutes later… and I’m standing here, being chatted up O.o He’s trying his absolute damndest, all his best lines, and it’s soooo funny!

Ten more minutes later, and oh lord, I had to ask him to back off. Nice chap, but a little… over-eager? That’s probably not the best way to put it, because he was perfectly nice about it and he did back off and apologise. But oh my lord, needy much? Ouch!

I teleported out to the high-paying tree, and did a little jig. Cherries! That was 20L in the pot for me. From then on, the money trees bent to my will – muahaha! *cough*

And some kind soul that I met at ACTIV8 gave me a very useful hint on how to make the trees disappear, leaving only fruit and money behind for you to see. Now that is what I call handy! Thank you so much to Ta for that tip!

OK, this was a rambling, random update for you on day… lord, where are we now? Day 9? The main update will be later.

ETA  (early hours of Feb 5th) – Well I didn’t get around to the main update, so I’ll put the total earnings into this post as an addendum.

Earned: 92L

Spent: 0L


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