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Mar’s musings on money tree etiquette

I’m noticing a strange etiquette (or lack thereof) surrounding money trees. Maybe it’s borne of desperation, but still: the lack of civility displayed by some newbies can be somewhat breathtaking. The lack of forethought and common sense is less surprising, though.

If I TP into an area where someone is clearly standing by a money tree and waiting, I’ll TP right out again, unless they disappear before the world has rezzed around me. My reasoning is this: they’ve probably been there for a while and if I came along just at the moment when it grew money and snatched it from under their nose… well that would be unforgivably rude of me.

Many, many newbies don’t even give a thought to that. They will happily TP to a tree where I am standing (and have been for some time) and clearly waiting for it to grow money, and they’ll grab the money as soon as it appears, then TP right the hell out.

There is a rather astonishing competitiveness around money tree hunters. Yes, you’re grabbing free money, but for God’s sake, this is supposed to be fun, not a bunfight! I can understand it when someone TPs in and I’m standing there, and they wait for a minute or so before TP-ing out again. The world (including me) was probably still rezzing around them, after all. It happens to me, too. Some money trees, in laggy sims and areas, can take up to two minutes to fully rez, appearing only as spiky grey shapes until that time.

But the ones that stand there after a minute or so have passed, clearly looking between me and the tree (and I can tell, because most newbies haven’t figured out AOs yet, and their av’s head turns to follow their mouse – ie: where they’re looking) baffle me.

I’ve just been standing by a high-paying tree for 10 minutes, keeping an eye on the ‘money in tree’ readout. It always reads L$0, but as soon as it reads a number higher than zero, my gaze flicks back to the tree and I look for the money. Just now, even as I was typing this, the readout went up to L$6. I saw the dollar immediately, but someone had TP’d in behind me not ten seconds previously, and before I could even move to click on the dollar, I heard the sound of them taking the L$5 banana that had materialised, and that I hadn’t yet seen.

So thanks a lot, Haste Laville. Named and shamed, sweetie. That was nothing short of rude and ignorant.

Here’s the screencap that proves s/he snatched L$5 from under my nose. And I couldn’t help myself: an IM had to be sent:

Not nice

[4:42]  Mar: That was rather rude, sweetie. I’d been standing there for some 10 minutes, waiting for the tree to grow, and you popped up to snatch L$5 of it before I’d even had a chance to click it. You’re going to irritate a lot of people if you keep doing that. Already I’m recognising names that I regularly see on ‘last 5 recipients’ around the trees, and I won’t be forgetting yours. BTW, you’re now muted, so don’t bother replying. Just… learn a little politeness and you’ll get a lot further in this world. Have a nice one!

The only exception to this etiquette rule would be if the tree requires that you have payment information registered with Linden Labs (and a few of them do require that) and you check the profile of the person standing and waiting, only to discover they don’t have payment info registered (whereas you have). By all means then, take the money, but DO let them know, either in chat or IM, why they can’t take that particular money. Also, tell them there are plenty of money trees that don’t require payment info, and that a quick search will yield up a lot. Be nice, and people usually appreciate your help, even if you’ve just taken ‘their money’ that they’ve been waiting for.


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