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Living a digital life with empty pockets

Day 8

I apologise in advance, because somehow the coding got messed up in this post, so the gaps between text and images are non-existent.

Day 8 began slowly again, with money being pinched from under my nose (see my previous post for that). But behind the cut I have a fashion show for you, as I took Mar to the lovely little Pink House offered by Cat Magellan, which is a place where women can unpack and change clothes in privacy.

More oddities spotted. Another odd name (colon Doobie – I didn’t even like to ask…) and Justina Thor was spotted at the money tree again (oldbie user taking newbie money: I could get on quite a crusade about this…) but before that, today’s earnings!

Earned: 63L

Spent: 0L

I’m going to cut this gal a little slack. I spotted her in a place that had just announced freebies to the massive Fashion Consolidated group (over 5000 members) and the place was absolutely packed to the gills and extremely laggy. Clearly that enormous… thing on her head was supposed to be a prim hat, but because of the lag in the area it hadn’t rezzed properly. I was a good girl and refrained from asking why she had a giant, mis-shapen teddybear on her head…
You don't even wanna know...
She also needed to rebake her textures, because as you can see she was covered in ‘missing image’ logos. Like ‘ruthing’ (rezzing with boobs, a small stature, and newbie hair – even the guys!), missing images are something you rarely see yourself. It takes some kind soul to actually tell you before you realise.
Another one-man lag machine (one-thing lag machine? It was hard to tell) spotted at Bravo Bravo. Why do these people with particle fetishes turn up at newbie places? *shakes head*
Lag, lag, lag...
Here is Justina Thor (the oldbie av still collecting from money trees) down the list, but (to quote Torley Linden) Yayzerama! My waiting was vindicated, because I got 21L from the high-paying tree. Worth it in the end:
And then, joy of joys, the lucky money chairs at the WAB just happened to be on the letter ‘M’ when I randomly TP’d in to check them. Mar did a little jig of delight and hopped on:
About time too!
Only to find… she’d only won a dollar! One lousy buck! SWIZZ!
Well. poo!
So she headed off to The Pink House to try on some of her new clothes. Now, hopefully Photobucket won’t deem this screencap unacceptable, because I’ve censored the ‘naughty bits’ but this did make me laugh: three avs, two of them bald, all frozen in the posing stand ‘star jump’ posture:
Hup! Two! Three! Four!
I don’t remember the av’s name (and I do apologise if she reads this) but I have to say it. It stands true of virtually every female av, but when you take your hair off and you’re bald? You (generic ‘you’) almost always look like a drag queen. Seriously!
We all look like this, under the pretties
At least we look like well-made-up drag queens, I suppose… *g*
Onto the clothes! First up is the lovely lucky chair exclusive that I won at Silent Sparrow. Gorgeous textures, and you can see how well-made Silent Sparrow’s things are in the next few shots:
Silent Sparrow lucky chair freebie
After that comes a Silent Sparrow group freebie, called ‘Icicle’ –
Blue, blue, electric blue...
And another group freebie, again from Silent Sparrow: the amazingly brilliant ‘Sweeney’ – completely with blood-stained cloth in the pocket. All I need now is a cut-throat razor…
The demon barber...
I can’t remember where this goth dress came from, but it’s stunning. Lovely black lace detailing and a prim skirt that flows beautifully:
Just gorgeous
A smart, but feminine business suit (always handy to have) –
Take a knee...
A pretty outfit consisting of pink leather pants and a sparkly pink top:
Pretty in pink
One that I’ve seen before, in resell stores, but this time it was offered free, is this lovely formalwear black pants and red sequinned top:
Cocktails, anyone?
Mar’s usual pants, paired with a beautiful red silk top:
Another gorgeous freebie
And mixing and matching three outfits from Sn@tch: one from their lucky chair, one from a freebie set, and one from a group freebie. Pretty ‘n’ punky:
Pretty 'n' punk 1
Pretty 'n' punk 2

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