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Week 1 summary

Mar is one week old today, so I thought I would look back over her first week in Second Life.

It’s been an interesting week, with mainly good moments. I’ve met some nice people, had a couple of lovely conversations with complete strangers, and only one mildly nasty thing happened, which didn’t bother me too much.

The Financial Bit

Earned: 539L

Spent: 1L

Well I’d say that wasn’t too bad! The 1L was spent on a flight feather, because in all my searching I couldn’t find one for free anywhere. Sure enough, two days after I bought it, I found a free one. Typical!

I’ve filled out Mar’s profile and uploaded a picture for her. The profile might read a bit cynically, but it will hopefully put off the worst kind of so-called ‘newbie-helper’ that you find in SL:

I’m new, I’m friendly, but I’m not gullible. I will not join your sex club, I’m not interested in your camping areas, free money areas, or your ‘business offers’. I don’t fill out surveys, I won’t escort, dance, or host (or play) games in order to earn money. And no, I don’t want to have sex with you. I may be a newbie, and you may have found me by a money tree, but I’m not *that* desperate for cash ;-)

Genuine chat is welcome, but I’m not accepting friendship offers right now.

Mar has made several things. Today I had her working on a house for sale, with curved corners. Mainly, though, when I have her logged, I’m spending the time whizzing around all the money trees. Those 30 days during which I’m eligible to pick from them (we won’t mention the non-newbie in my last blog post who is still picking from trees even though she’s 2½ months old…) will go by quickly, and I intend to adhere to the 30-day ‘rule’, even if I do find a tree that I can pick from after that time. What I earn in the first 30 days must sustain me and find me at least somewhere to sell the things I make, and begin to make a living.

To that end, I’m not planning on making a great deal of items until my 30 newbie days are up. After that time, I’ll hit the sandboxes hard and start churning stuff out *g* If I keep up my rate of 50L (or more) each day, then I’ll have at least 1500L by the end of that time, which is more than enough to rent a small space in a market or shopping area somewhere for a while.

The Bad Stuff

Only one bad thing happened: I got griefed in Sarah Nerd’s Freebies Paradise. No big deal. I had only just rezzed and begun to walk over to one of the display walls, when something hit me with a thump and I was orbited (sent absolutely flying way up and away – so quickly it was impossible to even see what was going on), falling to earth with a splat on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. I just picked myself up, dusted myself off, and TP’d elsewhere.

The Good Stuff

The lovely conversation that I had with AG (see this post) who welcomed me to Second Life and was friendly, but in a non-threatening way. And the conversation I had with a woman whom I had IM’d to thank her for making me smile with her great profile ‘about’ section (see the same post).

Mr Knobless (same post again – that was a busy day!) never did get back to me, but he picked up his cock because it wasn’t suspended in mid-air the last time I was in that area *g*

I joined the Silent Sparrow group, to get the great load of high-quality freebies sitting outside the store (Silent Sparrow SLurl) and as luck would have it, the owner was in-store at the time and had set the lucky chair to wildcard rounds for a time. So I hopped on and won the most gorgeous outfit. I’ll get Mar to change into it the next time I log her in-world, and take a screencap, because Silent Sparrow’s outfits are absolutely beautiful.

I also got a great, punky outfit from Sn@tch in Pulse (Sn@tch SLurl) and, again, I’ll get Mar to model that the next time I log her in-world. In fact, I got freebies galore, so I’ll need to spend a bit of time sorting my inventory fairly soon, before it gets completely out of hand!

Pop behind the cut for a selection of screenshots that, for one reason or another, didn’t make it into the blog this week! (It’s kind of like a blooper reel…)

Firstly, two ‘wish I was really there’ moments. The first was during Mar’s first day in SL (hence the outfit), when she found the most perfect beach:

Wiggling toes in the sand

And the second was later in the day. Another perfect beach, a bar, and a beautiful sunset. Oh lord, for a holiday location like that, that I could jet to right at this moment…

Make mine a Mai Tai

Second Life even has its own localised weather, if sim owners buy and place weather objects. Here, on her first day, Mar flies into a thunderstorm and got herself rather wet!

Where's me brolly when I need it?

And even later on, she found a volcano. RUN!


Ah, and this is the story of SL, especially since the last big ‘upgrade’ last week that was Linden Lab’s attempt to fix the wonky asset server and which only served to bork half of SL itself. TP not working – AGAIN!

Oh... what again?

This made me laugh. Found at Bravo Bravo (home of the main money tree) this gadget for the truly paranoid:

Quick! Hide!

And finally… you know… my Photobucket account is filling up with more images labelled ‘oddities’ than anything else. These are the peculiar, the amusing, and the downright strange things that I find on my travels around the grid. People, avatars, places, things, even names.

We begin with another person who forgot to take off their naughty group tag before arriving at a public sandbox. Oops:

Sexy dancer, eh? With those hips???

Alas, this little fella (spotted at Crystal Gadgets) didn’t rez fully (SL was having another borky day) but the shape of his av tickled me pink. A little gnomish fella! I wish he’d rezzed fully so I could have seen what he looked like other than just grey:

Sleepy? Doc? Grumpy?

Again, spotted around the money tree in Bravo Bravo, was this one-man-lag-machine. Honestly, this newbie was trailing so many particles that he could easily crash any busy sim:


Names. Oh my god, where do people get these names from? Some of them must enter Second Life as a joke, but if you were going someplace for a new virtual identity, wouldn’t you choose something a bit more… meaningful than, say… a bunch of numbers?

Can I reach you on that number?

Or… a schoolboy joke?

Oh puh-lease...

And finally, Mar’s very own blooper. Prim attachments have this odd habit of sometimes removing themselves from where they’re supposed to be, and attaching themselves… elsewhere. Here, I had to relog Mar because her prim hair and hat had attached to her arse. This is the screenshot I took as she logged back in, before it turned up where it should be!

Nothing about a hairy arse from the peanut gallery, if you please...



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