SL for Nowt

Living a digital life with empty pockets

Day 7

Slow going on the money front again, but that’s because I wasn’t up at the usual early time, as before. Most of today’s gain was picked, one Linden at a time, apart from one high-yielding tree that gave me cherries worth 20L.

What I did find, though, courtesy of the FabFree blog (see my blogroll for links) was ADA Shoes. This is a small area for women who don’t like the high heels and ‘click-clack’ carthorse sound of some of the women’s shoes in SL. ADA caters for those that like lower heels and boots. A nice selection of pumps in what are called ‘fat packs’ (lots of colour variations in one box) and the best thing? They’re all available for 0L. That’s right: freebies!

ADA Shoes

Earned: 44L

Spent: 0L


A quick trip back in-world netted me another 27L, which made me a little happier. What rather annoyed me, though, was the sight of a non-newbie taking relatively large (by money tree standards) quantities of money from one particular tree. Money trees are supposed to be only for those 30 days and younger. This particular name is one that I saw twice on a high-paying tree over the course of today. The first time around she ‘picked’ 23L and the second time she took another 5L. And yet, she was ‘born’ in-world on November 21st 2007. Jestina Thor, consider yourself named and shamed. You have payment info on file, and a newbie who needed it a lot more than you could have had the money you picked.

Updated earnings: 71L


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