SL for Nowt

Living a digital life with empty pockets

Day 5

A brand new male av (whose blushes I shall spare by blanking out his name) tried to make friends with Mar today. She TP’d into the main money tree directory area, and was instantly accosted. Literally! The room hadn’t had time to fully rez before this charming conversation happened in IM:

[4:11] Newbie: oi

(He immediately offers friendship. Mar declines the offer.)

[ 4:11] Newbie: oi
[ 4:11] Newbie: posso te add
[ 4:11] Newbie: ?
[ 4:11] Mar: Excuse me?
[ 4:11] Mar: I don’t speak Italian.
[ 4:12] Newbie: this is portuguese
[ 4:12] Mar: And I don’t just add random people. I’m sorry.

Mar TP’d right the hell out and muted Prince Charming up there without further compunction. Rezzed only yesterday, he has a long way to go before he’ll make friends that way…

I’m writing this post over the course of Mar’s day in Second Life, so it will be updated as I go along. To that end, keep checking back, because although I’ll get a goodly post together before I hit ‘publish’ I might be adding more later.

I had a day off work today, so I wasn’t up at the ridiculously early hour that has the money trees untouched for some time and therefore loaded with Lindens and fruit. It’s a slow morning for grabbing $$ – just 12L so far, all snagged one at a time.

TP-ing into Awesome Designs on Awesome Isle to visit their money tree (a new one on Mar’s list) I wondered why the hell everyone was sitting on it. I saw a newbie av do that at the main directory tree in Bravo Bravo, too. Do they think that they’re supposed to camp around the tree? There’s a flashmob vendor nearby (prices go down the more people are present) but surely that’s not the only reason. Some of them were rezzed in late 2007, so it’s not as though they don’t know that money trees don’t pay out when you sit on them.

You might as well whistle for it, darlings

The Xcite! cock is still hanging in mid-air, so I right-click-edited and found the name of the owner (belongs to a money tree group and two gay male groups, so I felt Mar could be a bit cheeky *g*) and sent him the following IM:

[4:27] Mar: Hi there. This is probably the weirdest SL IM you’ll ever get, but I don’t know if you realised that you dropped your Xcite! X2 cock in Blair (the snowy place with the money tree). It’s hovering in mid-air at around 207, 148, 128). I dunno if it’s a virgin cock, but I was a good girl and resisted clicking to find out. Have a good one!
[4:27] Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

Let’s see if the poor knobless guy gets back to me…

At the Hidden River Mall in Noru, there’s a Hong Bao money tree, which is rather charming. Hong Bau, for the uninitiated, are the red envelopes containing money that are given out at celebrations and occasions in China. Read more about them at Wikipedia: Hong Bao. I’ve snagged a few envelopes from here, but forgot to take screencaps. The next time the tree yields an envelope, I’ll get a picture. They make a nice change from the Linden greenbacks.

I keep popping back to the lucky money chairs at the WAB online music store in Wack Attack Bay, but as yet they’ve not yielded up that magical ‘M’ for me.

Well how many people do you know whose names begin with 'Q'?

I’m learning that money trees have a ‘base limit’ below which they won’t grow any money. For instance, the one at Bravo Bravo always has a minimum of 3001L in the pot. If you see the ‘money in tree’ amount saying anything more than 3001L that means there’s money in that tree to be clicked. The 3001L is in the pot, and anything over and above that actually grows on the tree to be picked. Some trees set their limit at 0L, so when they’re empty they’re empty. But many of them keep it at, say, 7L or 13L.

Ah! And not 15 minutes after writing about it, I re-visited the Hong Bao tree and there was an envelope!

Certainly lucky for Mar!

As I’ve blogged before, camping is all very well but it pays very poorly and you literally have to stay in one place. Jetting all over the SL grid in search of money trees (even as frustrating as it can be when everyone seems to beat you to the bucks as they are today!) shows you more of Second Life, and also nets you freebies, especially in shopping areas. TP-ing into the money tree at Sebris Shopping Mall at Iladil, Mar found two pairs of free shoes in the doorway of N&X Dreams. I’m always grateful for designers who give out freebies.


And just as I was looking at those, something very nice happened to break into a lot of the disillusionment that many SL residents (especially female avs) can feel when every male av that comes up to them starts a conversation with, “Hey pretty, wanna f*ck?” or “Nice tits”. (Actually, you get things like, “Nice tits” from the girls as well, and often that’s followed up with, “Where’d you buy them?” which is hilarious!)

So I won’t give his name here, as he said that he has a girlfriend in SL and I respect SL relationships as much as I do RL ones, but hello and many thanks to AG who came up to Mar and engaged her in the kind of welcoming and helpful conversation that a Second Life mentor would be proud of. He saw that she was new and just chatted nicely to her, ending by wishing Mar “lots of joy here”. What a lovely chap!

When I broke for lunch, I created a simple hovertext titler to wear that declared to the world, “I’m AFK right now”. Although some people ignore this kind of thing, most understand it. I’ve disabled the awful ‘away’ state that leaves your avatar slumped over when you go AFK, and I don’t like to just set myself as busy, because some people don’t enable name viewing (where your name and any current group names hover over your head) and try to engage me in conversation. A titler remains on show, even when name viewing is disabled. Mar’s titler is bright pink, and I can change the text at any time. Here’s Mar with her titler showing, as she watches a new male av telling the world exactly what he’s here for. Again, I’ve spared his blushes (not that I suspect he has any) by blurring out his name:

Yup, pretty obvious, that...

Returning to SL after lunch, I met a woman with a great ‘about’ section in her profile, and I sent her an IM to thank her for making me smile, as it was so true for Second Life. Send pleasant IMs and you get pleased replies: she was very happy to get my compliment. The section read thus:

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it.
Anything you want to do it.
Want to change the world?
There’s nothing to it.

There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination.
Living there you’ll be free if you truly wish to be.

Willy Wonka

You see a lot of this in SL: people earning money by advertising money. Someone clicked on this av while I was there, and the text that came up read:

[6:05] FreeLindens Recruiter 3.0: [ advertising av’s name ] Click goto page to access and get some quick L$.


Don't even bother with this kind of thing

That kind of thing is never worth bothering with. They usually take you to pages that want you to fill out exhaustive surveys about yourself in exchange for a few Lindens. Remember: if a survey promises to pay you 50L for telling them every detail about your personal life, you’re only getting about 5 US cents for that information. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the L$ to US$ exchange rate and get carried away with thinking, “Wow, fifty whole bucks!” Yeah: Linden bucks…

To end this post with, I found this little cutie scampering around Noru. On clicking to examine him, his description reads, “likes nuts”. He’s not an av: merely landscaping. He’d just found an acorn and grabbed it. This is why I love SL: the little details that people put into their builds:


Earned (so far):82 (thanks to several bits of fruit later in the day!)

Spent: 0L


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