SL for Nowt

Living a digital life with empty pockets

Day 4

Today I just logged Mar a couple of times to send her whizzing around the grid (which was pretty unstable during the rolling restart) to grab some money. She found a bunch of cherries at one spot, worth 20L, so that was almost half of the daily Linden quota I’d set her already found.

My intentions with this money is to get as much as I can before the end of her 30 days as a newbie (you’re disqualified from getting money from money trees after that time) and at the same time to build up an inventory of stock to sell in a small store or market stall. Then, I’ll look around and find somewhere to rent where she can actually sell those items and hopefully begin to generate an income of her own.

No pictures today, alas (and Photobucket have withdrawn one of the NSFW ones from yesterday. Oops.)

Earned: 64L

Spent: 0L


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