SL for Nowt

Living a digital life with empty pockets

Days 2 and 3

Day 2 was spent jetting around SL, money tree-hopping. And a very profitable day it was, too! Thanks to trees sprouting a lot of fruit (worth more money than simple bills) as well as Linden dollars, I ended up L$155 richer by the end of day 2! (And yet still some people think camping is the way to earn money in SL without doing anything much…)

I also created a chair (with a sit poseball, using a freebie sit script that I got) to go with the glass desk and lamp. (Typical me, I forgot to take a screencap of it, though.)

Day 3 was also spent grabbing a bit more free money. I’ve set myself the goal of getting at least L$50 a day from money trees: easy enough to achieve, especially when I hop online in the early hours of the morning (GMT) and many of the trees haven’t been visited by other people recently. They’re often loaded with money and fruit at those times.

I also grabbed lots of freebie items along the way, got some lucky chair prizes (many of them designer ones, not cheap-looking freebie tat) and saw some strange sights. Now those I did screencap. You’d better hop behind the cut for those pics (and be warned: a couple of them are NSFW).

More money tree stuff: bananas (worth L$5) and a Linden dollar:

Money growing on trees in SL

Spotted in a store, this made me laugh. Set up at the very front of the store (where most store owners put their freebies, to entice people in) was this AO, or animation override, to get rid of the horrible default walk that all SL avatars have. It’s dubbed ‘the duck walk’ and so this box for the freebie AO raised a grin:


Lucky chairs galore! This is one of the freebie lucky chair areas. Many stores have a lucky chair, which offers better quality stuff (usually made by the store’s owners, and sometimes those are exclusive items, too) than these freebies. But if you want to feel like a winner, wander into this place: The Magic Soapbox. There are hundreds of chairs set out, and you’re bound to find at least a couple of dozen that have the initial of your name on them. Just sit on ’em and wait for your prize:

You're... a winner!

Forgot to mention this on day one (you can see that Mar’s still in her default shape, hovering in that picture) but I found the Moulin Rouge! No sign of Christian or Satine, though…

It's all about love!

Onto avatars! SL residents will never cease to amaze you with their creativity. I had an interesting conversation with the Japanese wearer of this brightly-coloured av. S/he was using one of the translator HUDs, which made for some fun translations:


And then I met Spiderman, strolling through a shopping district! (*sings* Spiderpig, Spiderpig… does whatever a Spiderpig does…)

Here he comes to save the day!

Moving on into “whatever were you thinking?” territory I came across a woman who had found both the boob-slider in her appearance settings, and a copious supply of body oil. I didn’t dare to cam beneath her skirt to see if she had completed the ensemble… (hell, it’s almost visibly obvious anyway)

The tiniest waist you’ve ever seen. Seriously, how did she manage that without a corset?

Breathe in...

And SL caters for all tastes. There are groups for everything

White men, you don't get a look-in

I zoomed past this and had to cam back: kind of the SL equivalent of a double-take. Yes, someone left their expensive Xcite! cock hanging in the middle of a snowy sim! (I clicked on it and couldn’t resist having a little play with it. It wasn’t quite so horizontal when I was done with it. *cough*)

A chilly cock

Finally: for me? Oh, you shouldn’t have!

Aww, thank you! *mwah*


Day 2

Earned: 155L

Spent: 0L

Day 3

Earned: 66L

Spent: 0L


January 29, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. where’s the cock?! I want to see that for myself.

    Comment by Azria Jejces | April 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. Alas, Azria, it was removed a couple of days later (I blogged that it had gone). I don’t know whether its owner came back for it after my IM, or whether the sim/parcel owner cleared it up.

    Comment by Mar | April 30, 2008 | Reply

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