SL for Nowt

Living a digital life with empty pockets

Day 1

So at the end of day 1, how is Mar’s status as an SL n00b? Well, I ended the day with a new look, a couple of built items in my inventory, and some L$50 richer without having to camp for money.

This is how Mar looks now:

Mar's new look

A bit of an improvement on her initial image, I think! Pop behind the cut to see how she got along on her first day in Second Life.

Upon creation, I was somewhat stunned to be sent not to an English-speaking Help Island (where did Orientation Island go? I didn’t even rez there!) but to a Brazilian one! I wasn’t clued in until I saw the sign welcoming newcomers. It read ‘bem vindo’…

Welcome - in Portuguese! Now that was somewhat awkward, but luckily I have been to Portugal on holiday a few times, and know a smattering of the language, so I could get by. On this island, I found free avatars, jewellery, objects (a couple of them certainly not ones that the Lindens might have approved of!), some wings, and a female business suit. Not bad, but I knew that to lose my n00b looks (even though I’d gone for the less-awful ‘Nightclub’ female default av) I would need to hit up some good freebie shops.

Please note: clicking any of the SLurl links in posts here will send you to a page that will give you a direct teleport link, providing you have the SL client installed.

My first port of call was The Free Dove, in Gallii. This is the place that’s recommended to all newbies, as it’s packed to the gills with great free stuff. Most of it is for female avatars (avs) but there’s some good stuff for men, too. The basic items I needed were:

  • A shape
  • A skin
  • Prim hair
  • Clothes
  • Shoes

While I was there, and standing behind some poor woman who clearly needed to rebake her textures (see the black and white ‘missing image’ clothing?) I spotted this rather brilliant mode of transport:


I ran around, grabbing as much as I could, then I headed off to the Fabulously Free in Second Life store which is the newly-opened store that complements the blog of the same name (see my blogroll for links). There I grabbed more freebies, including the flight and stand animations from ANIMAH.

Fabulously Free in Second Life

Next, I hightailed it over to YadNi’s Junkyard and snagged a couple of ZHAOs (animation override HUDs) and some freebie textures to use when I start building. YadNi’s is a great place for newbies to get free stuff, but the quality of the clothing varies from good to awful, so best grab clothing from recommended places, such as Free Dove and Fab Free in SL.

Other freebie places that I visited included Sarah Nerd’s Freebies Paradise and Freebie Jeebies.

At House of Zen I grabbed the freebie prim eyes box and the various freebie skin packs that were on offer, as well as a great red top.

House of Zen

But one other thing that I really need… is money. And I found the first clue to free money at YadNi’s Junkyard: Money Trees. I had misunderstood what money trees were all about when I first entered Second Life, assuming that you had to pay in, to take out. But no: money trees are a way for newbie avs in SL (under 30 days old) to get free money. There are hundreds of them, all over the SL grid, and they grow money. Yep: money really does grow on trees, at least in Second Life. They also grow bananas, apples and cherries. A Linden Dollar bill is worth one linden (1L), a banana is worth 5L, apples are worth 10L and cherries are worth 20L. And once a day, on one single tree in Second Life, a golden ticket will grow, which could be worth thousands to the lucky person that finds it.

This is what you’re looking for: A tree with four pillars surrounding it.

Money tree

Check out those pillars more closely and they’ll tell you how much money is in the tree:

Money tree

See? Money does grow on trees!

Money tree

I soon started searching for Money Trees, and this led me to the location of the main directory at Bravo Bravo. Two hours of zooming all over the grid later, I had found 50L of free money on those money trees. Now, some people might say I could earn that much by camping (actually, I couldn’t, unless I found a very profitable camping chair: most camping areas offer miniscule amounts, such as 2L for 30 minutes of camping) but I have set myself the task of not camping for money or items in this experiment. Besides, if I’d been camping then I would have been stationary, in one sim, whereas while I was teleporting all over the grid in search of money growing on trees, I found some great places, saw more of Second Life than I ever had before, and snatched up plenty of freebies that I found in stores along my route.

Finally, I headed up to the Skybeam Sandbox to do a bit of building. I made sure I picked up the box of free textures that’s near the landing point at Skybeam (they’re really good textures, so if you head there make sure you grab them!) and then I rezzed a simple building platform for myself, whizzed it 100m up in the air, flew up after it, and built a glass desk and lamp that I can sell later when I find somewhere to sell my stuff.


Mar's desk and lamp

So let’s take a look at Mar’s new image, and I’ll list what she’s wearing and where it all came from.

First of all, she’s wearing a flight feather from ACTIV8. Flight feathers should be free in SL, but you try finding one at all! Mar paid 1L for this one, so at least she now has one. Plus there are two money trees at ACTIV8, so it was worth a visit! Her hair is the Proton ponytail (from Free Dove), her eyes are from the free pack at House of Zen, and her shoes are the TESLA Mary Janes from Fabulously Free in SL. Clothing comes from Free Dove (RFyre jacket and Mischief Designs top and pants). Her shape is the OPIUM freebie shape ‘centerfold’, again from Free Dove, and her skin is the Another Shop freebie skin (Le) brow 1 ‘Wrath’, to be found both at House of Zen and Fab Free in SL. Her walk override is from the ‘Jill in a box’ freebie avatar starter kit at Fab Free in SL, and her animations are the ANIMAH stand and flight animations from the same place, packed into the ZHAO obtained from YadNi’s. Jewellery is the ‘Heavenly Cross (Midnight)’ range from Encore, at Free Dove. Finally, her Radar HUD (which tells her who’s around her and who is within chat range) is the freebie radar from Crystal Gadgets and her flight feather is from ACTIV8.

Mar's new look

Total earned: 50L

Total spent: 1L


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