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SL 4 Nowt has moved

This is the last post I’ll be making over here, peeps. I’ve been posting at the new blog since before Christmas, and occasionally placing reminders of it here, but this is it. If you don’t head there now, you won’t be seeing any more of Mar!

The new blog URL:

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What you’re missing by still reading the OLD SL for Nowt blog ;)

Here’s another cross-post from me. If you’re still reading this old SL for Nowt blog, then please update your RSS feeds, your blogroll links, and whatnot. The new blog is here:

Of late, you’ve missed posts about:

– A new ‘newbie avatar’ kit on the grid

– An info post and tutorial all about scripts and potential script limits

– Lots of freebie and cheapie goodness

– Mar’s 3rd rezday celebration post

– Two editions of Those Little Questions

– A newbie’s guide to logging in at a quiet spot (also good for oldbies after cache-clearing!)

Also, cross-posting all of the blog posts to Twitter and Plurk was proving to be a complete pain, but since I took a liking to Twitter I’ve created an ‘off-duty’ account there for Mar – @Mar_SL4Nowt – where you can expect all kinds of things. If I spot a freebie on the grid that I don’t have time to blog, then I might tweet it. There will also, invariably, be fist-shaking at Linden Lab/Viewer 2/lag/etc, and other observations about Second Life in general. Please feel free to follow the account :)


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Sad news

The Gnubie Store has closed its doors.

Link takes you to the new SL for Nowt blog, where I’ve written a short post about this.

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Two new posts on the new blog

Just an alert to those that still haven’t bookmarked the new SL for Nowt blog: I have two new posts over there:

An elegant start to 2011

and the first in a new series:

The Absolute Basics: Beginners – Signing Up

I know that many of my readers here come from the SL Freebies Cheapies Dollarbies Lucky Chairs Hunts aggregate blog. I contacted that blog’s owner after I switched SL for Nowt to self-hosting, to request that my feed URL is updated but either her IMs are capped and/or she’s not been in-world on that avatar, because it hasn’t yet been updated. I’ll keep trying to contact her of my own accord, but in the meantime if any of you know Cheyenne Spearmann who runs the aggregate blog (or are friends with any other avatar she may be operating in-world) I would be very grateful if you could help me get the message to her that SL for Nowt has now moved!

Here’s the new blog URL again:

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Cross-posting: Dressing Room New Year collection

Another cross-posting for you! Over at the new SL for Nowt blog, I have a post all about the New Year Collection at The Dressing Room. Head on over there to read it, and please update your bookmarks and feed readers!

Quick note for bloggers: if you link to SL for Nowt in your sidebar, please check that you have the NEW blog linked, and not this one.

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Cross-posting: The Snow Queen

Hi peeps. Just to let you know there’s a new post at the new SL for Nowt blog: The Snow Queen. In it you’ll find gorgeous gifty skins from Curio, some lovely new stuff from The Dressing Room Blue, plus free hair/hat/scarf combos for men and women from Amacci.

If you’ve not done so already, please remember to change your bookmarks and/or RSS feeds so that you can read directly from the new SL for Nowt blog.

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Gifty hair at Truth!

I”ll keep cross-posting here and linking you to the new blog for a while, peeps. Latest post: It’s raining cats and ducks! (Free hair for men and women from Truth).

Head over to the new SL for Nowt blog, and change your bookmarks and RSS feeds!

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SL for Nowt has moved!

I said it was coming, and now it’s here! The all-new SL for Nowt blog can be found here:

Update your bookmarks, peeps, because this is the last post I’ll be making over on this blog (although I may run a couple of reminders to catch the stragglers that missed this one over the holiday season *g*)

Here’s a taster of the goodies I have for you in the most recent post on the new blog:

I’m still working on the main site, so although you can access it using the links in the blog’s sidebar, it’s by no means finished yet. Many of the links there will currently re-direct back to this older blog; especially for things such as tutorials, although I do plan to eventually port those over to the new blog in their entirety. My Ponderings blog has also moved to the new site. Please do bear with any slight slowness on the site and new blogs. They don’t have’s awesome server power behind them, so they won’t load as mega-quickly, but they are free of ads, which is why I decided to move away from in the first place.

This old blog will remain open, but I’ll be adding notes to the main newbie pages (the ones that I know many of you have handed out to newbies in the past) that will direct them to the new blog.

In the meantime, I hope you join me over at the new site, and I wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons!


Mar x

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A quick note from Mar about adverts: please read!

Hi peeps. It’s been brought to my attention that WordPress is inserting Google Ads at the bottom of all my posts here on SL for Nowt. Since I use Firefox and the AdBlock plugin (and I have many of those ad sites added to my Hosts file, so I never see them) I was completely unaware of this until just now:

I’m not happy with this. I do not want my readers bombarded with ads when they come to my blog. I understand that this is a thing; that they do it to generate some revenue in return for their free blog hosting. I have no control over this. I can’t even specify what kind of ads are shown (although if I had a choice then NO ads would be shown).

Hop behind the cut. I have more to say about this. *angryface*

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Tutorial: Make your own Landmarks HUD

A while back, I made an inventory-management post in which I urged you to chuck out all of your old landmarks. At the beginning of that post I tried to find some free or cheap landmark HUDs that would hold the LMs you wanted to keep, because while storing them in notecards is an excellent idea it can take a while to dig out the relevant notecard, find the relevant LM inside it, click to open the window, and then finally teleport there.

Today, thanks to a fabby free landmark-giver script that I’ve found, I can give you this tutorial to make your own Landmarks HUD. It’s not the most perfect thing, nor will it rival any of the paid-for HUDs that are out there. The menu buttons where your landmarks are filed will not, for instance, be in alphabetical order (or, indeed, even in the same place each time you open it) but it’s free, and if you don’t want to fork over several hundred L$ for a professional HUD then it’s a good enough alternative!

Hop behind the cut for the tutorial :)

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